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Flood levels are rising

The annual damage caused by floods is estimated at over €50 billion worldwide. The FLOODBOX makes the protection of private property easy like child's play. This practical flood set includes all components to protect valuable inventory from water damage in your basement.


Torrential rains, sometimes with devastating consequences for private property, are becoming more frequent and can be reported in all parts of Europe. The danger is partly waiting underground: sewers can reach the limits of their capacity due to blockages, large amounts of rain or construction measures. The result is a backflow in the canal through which basements are flooded to street level in the absence of backflow protection. Also from outside danger threatens: many basements are flooded because leaking cellar doors and windows.

Your first aider in case of flooding


The FLOODBOX is the ideal tool to clear your cellar of floods quickly and effectively. In case of water ingress, the FLOODBOX  is connected to the enclosed fire hose in the basement room and put into operation.

A powerful U5 KS submersible pump operates in a robust and compact plastic box. Thanks to its fixation in the basket, the submersible water pump always has a solid stand.

Reliable flood protection “Made in Germany” with the FLOODBOX.


Compact box, simple plug and play


This video shows the easy set-up and the FLOODBOX in action.

Even the pros rely on the original!

When entire streets are flooded, immediate action is required. With the FLOODBOX, the local fire brigade provides the residents with an emergency aid kit to protect their own basements from massive water ingress.

Product animation FLOODBOX

This animation explains the functional principle of the FLOODBOX first-aid flood set. If you don´t have a pump, you can only watch helplessly how the water rises in your basement and hope that the fire brigade comes quickly. And this is the perfect time for the FLOODBOX to shine.  



The Original Jung FLOODBOX pumps are available from your local installer or their online shops (just google!).


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