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Water in the basement?

What to do when your cellar is under water?
FIRST AID for flooding

Act correctly and limit the damage quickly. No matter if water pipe burst, flooding or heavy rain.

Switch off the power before entering the flooded basement

Since a short circuit in the cellar can become a deadly hazard, it should be checked whether the power must be switched off. If necessary, ask your neighbours for electricity for further measures.

Call the fire brigade

Unfortunately, in the event of a disaster, the fire brigade cannot be everywhere.  The FLOODBOX is the ultimate helper for the time until the fire brigade comes and can pump out the water of your house.

Pump out the water with a FLOODBOX

The water should be quickly pumped out of the cellar: Since insulation and dry construction are quickly absorbed, the cellar must be drained quickly. The Jung Pumpen FLOODBOX are recommended for this purpose. The power cable of the submersible pump is 10 meters long. So in an emergency you can reach a dry socket, for example in the next room or one floor higher. The FLOODBOX pumps up to 183 litres per minute from your basement. The sludge residues can be washed away with clean water.

You should notify your insurance company

Only natural hazard insurance covers these damages caused by heavy rain and flooding.

Document damages

List all damages and take photos for documentation. It is recommended to not dispose anything until the claim has been clarified with the insurance company or, if necessary, an expert.

Drying and prevention

The moisture in the walls and in the screed can be removed by using drying equipment from a specialist. Find out about preventive flood prevention measures, such as backflow protection using a sewage lifting station.

Floodbox in the basement while flooding
Jung Pumpen U5 KS in a flooding basement
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