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FLOODBOX Assembly instruction

The simple operation in three steps

Floodbox instruction Step 1

Step 1:

Connect the hose to the C-coupling and lead it out. Avoid kinks to allow maximum flow.

Floodbox instruction step 2

Step 2:

To allow the pump to flow continuously, fix the float switch by inserting the red cap. Now connect the power cable.

Floodbox instruction step 3

Step 3:

The pump is now running!

Without carrying basket

The U5KS can of course also be used without carrying basket. To do this, loosen the holder on the pump handle and remove the pump.

Flat suction

The screen base of the pump can be removed. This makes it possible to pump out the smallest amount of residual water.


For the rough

If you want to use the entire 20 mm free passage of the U5KS, remove the sieve base and attach the enclosed extensions to the feet.

Installation instruction Floodbox

Versatile in use

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