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What is the FLOODBOX?

Jung Pumpen Floodbox product

The level is rising.
FLOODBOX flood helpers stay cool

With the original Jung Pumpen FLOODBOX you can drain your basement in the shortest possible time. The powerful submersible pump can fill up to 50 bathtubs in one hour. The robust fire hose transports five times as much water as a normal garden hose. Firmly anchored in the basket, the U5 KS is protected against silting up and streaming. Draining the cellar has never been easier.

The FLOODBOX contains:

• Jung Pumpen U5 KS Submersible Pump
• Fire hose with C-coupling (12.5 m / 41 ft)
• Carrying basket


Jung Pumpe U5 KS

• Submersible motor pump with dry-running protection

• Maximum capacity up to 11 000 litres per hour

• Maximum head up to 8 m

• Continuous operation by motor jacket cooling

• Prevention of moisture penetration due to longitudinally watertight sealed cable entry

• Float locking to achieve minimum residual water levels

• Without basket, the free passage can be increased from 10 to 20 mm

• Reliably pumps down to 6 mm residual water level

• 10 m Cable length

• Stationary and portable use

Fire hose

• Quick connection due to C-coupling

• 12,5 m length

• Large and reliable conveying capacity

• Maximum operational reliability

• Hard-wearing and durable

Fire hose with C-coupling
Floodbox carrying basket

Carrying basket

• Integrated pump fixing for a safe pump stand

• Protection against silting up

• No installation effort

• Wall suspension for safe storage

Plus applications

• For withdrawal from waters

• For emptying pools

• For emptying garden ponds

Floodbox swimming in a pool

Buy Jung Pumpen FLOODBOX

Our FLOODBOX is available exclusively from your installer or their online shops.

Jung Pumpen Floodbox hose
U5K submersible pump
Jung Pumpen Floodbox basket
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